Kircylicious Artthings

Custom-made: illustrations & paintings

About Kircylicious

Kirsten (1982) enjoyed a free education while growing up in one of the more rural areas of the Netherlands, the northern province of Drenthe. From an early age, she seized every opportunity to express herself graphically, whether this was with a pen, a brush or spray paint; there was a constant urge to express herself on paper, canvas, the wall or sometimes even on skin. Moving to Ridderkerk (2001) did not change this urge, but it did make her develop her own style; in a way, the move formed her.

Kirsten is strong with lines and big in creativity. Autodidactic and inspired by artistic legends such as Dali and Giger. She is a big fan of the ‘art nouveau’-movement (Jugendstil) and this style of art has left some distinctive traces in Kirsten’s work. Another characteristic of her style is the use of black ink with shiny/shimmering accents, which gives her work an oriental feel and even a fairy tale-like touch.

She would describe herself as ‘streetwise’ and she values the opportunity to express herself creatively. Kirsten wants to use her optimistic and energetic personality to give her audience, and people in general, this ‘feel good’-vibe. Other than being a mother of three children, her profession as a child remedial therapist and her passion for oriental kinematics, she has found a way of releasing energy in the ongoing creation of a new world through her art work.